Words. So many words.

I hate to do this again, but I’m going to have to go on hiatus for a bit. This month, as you may know, is NaNoWriMo. Oh yeah, by the way, I’m doing NaNoWriMo I just never mentioned it here. With that going on and some other priorities of mine, I’m going to have to skip a post or two to get things back in order. So this is me admitting to failing my awesome time management plan I talked about last month. No shame in it.


The good news is that I’m doing much better on the real NaNoWriMo than I was on the practice run I did a few months ago. I’m still horribly behind, but that’s why I’m taking some extra time now to catch up. You can’t ever get anywhere if you don’t try, right? After some thought I decided that I won’t be posting the rough draft of Ethereal Circus. The nature of NaNoWriMo means that my writing will be utter crap in order to get 50,000 words written. While I originally thought it would be a good experiment to show you the writing process, I realized that even if you were aware of it being a very rough draft it still wouldn’t be received well. My plan moving forward is to try to complete the challenge this month and then edit the heck out of it over the next year with several revisions. When it gets to a point I feel confident sharing with people then I will probably post it here in its entirety. Maybe. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


So, I will have an update for you all in December!

Shhh, don’t cry. It’s not that far away.


“Something is starting today”


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