PAX Prime 2013

Phew! So this was the first Penny Arcade Expo I have ever attended and I had what some people refer to as “a blast”. I went to some panels, I went to some expo hall booths, I played some Dungeons & Dragons Next, I waited in lines, and I did a shit-ton of walking. I’m not sure what the conversion rate on a “shit-ton” is, but I imagine it to be somewhere between “a dozen” and a “fuck-load”.

In all seriousness, PAX was great and for me the Strip Search and entrepreneurial events were very encouraging as an artist and a creative person. Monica Ray from Phuzzy Comics even gave me some industry advice:

Update On Time Motherfucker

So thanks to all the creatives that reminded me this weekend why I do what I do. And to my wife for putting up with four days of me dragging her all over Seattle and PAX with very little time to relax.

Now to that “rad stuff” I mentioned I was doing last week, that I totally ran out of time to post. First up, new site design is on its way! Here is a sneaky peaky:


New rough site design


Pretty sweet, huh? It’s still a rough draft, but I’m working on the details now. AND that bit of background you see? That’s some parallax scrolling I’ve cooked up. It’s gonna be pretty slick.


Second thing, you may notice there is more than one comic in the sidebar in that screen capture. That’s because I’m working on a second short-run comic. But I will talk about that in more detail later as I am not ready to reveal it *just* yet.


Stay tuned kiddos, your regularly scheduled comics will be returning next week and I’m shifting update days for Cleverless to Wednesdays.





Whatever happens, happens.


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