One year ago

Hey there, strangers! So I’m back from my falling-off-the-face-of-the-earth trip.


So I’ve been spending my free time working on the site redesign and it’s coming along nicely, but I just don’t have time for drawing comics right now. I have a few more main features to complete and some touch-ups here and there, but I think I’ll have it done in the new few weeks.

So about a year ago from last Saturday I started this site. I was hoping to have the redesign done in time for the anniversary, as some sort of birthday present or something. But that sentiment is sort of abstracted; a little too forced to have any meaning, like the equivalent of ‘everybody wins’ just for participating. What I can celebrate is that I’ve stuck with it this long and I am doing something I love to do. Once I get the site redesigned I fully intend to take things a bit further and really have fun with things.

So thank you for your patience, I’ll make the wait worth it!


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