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I realize what month it is. I also realize I haven’t posted anything for my fake NaNoWriMo challenge. Here’s what happened…
I started out strong on a story plot line I wanted to write for awhile, but ended up getting stuck. Crazy stuck. As in, worst-writer’s-block-I’ve-ever-had stuck. So about a week ago I decided to drop that idea and pick up with an easier story, one that I can be a bit more creative with. I feel this will help ease me back into writing better than my first story idea.
Anyway, that said, I’ve put up a Writing section in the main navigation. You can find The Ethereal Circus (working title) in the list starting with chapter one. I’m getting close to finishing chapter 2, which is longer, but I should have it up soon.
Obviously, I’m not going to meet my goal of finishing a novel in a month, but that’s okay. It was a good experiment for me to see how I work best with these sorts of constraints and, more importantly, how to do better when the real NaNoWriMo approaches. I will continue to update The Ethereal Circus until it is complete so don’t worry about being left with no ending.
I’ve got some new projects being planned for next month so check back soon for an update on those.


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