Checking In

Hello again! I’ve been away. And busy. Away being busy. That’s what I do now; be away and be busy and not post entertaining things for you. Don’t judge me! I am not your dancing monkey!

But seriously. I thought I’d check in and let you know I’m still alive and I still intend to make things. Soon. I just got back from vacation and I’m reorganizing my schedule right now. I had a lot of time to think while on holiday and hopefully you’ll see some of that come to fruition soon. Perhaps more blogging. Or consistent comic updates. Who knows really..

Jeeze, I sound like a beginner artist; making excuses and not making art.

About ****ing Time

Well, it took me longer than I wanted it to, but the site design is finished! Though if you’re reading this you probably already knew that.

I’ll be honest. I’m completely exhausted from working on this for so long and, more importantly, NOT doing anything else creative. So I hate to make you wait some more, but I think a little rest will do me some good. Next week I will start posting again regularly.

Thanks for your patience.

All three of you…

One year ago

Hey there, strangers! So I’m back from my falling-off-the-face-of-the-earth trip.


So I’ve been spending my free time working on the site redesign and it’s coming along nicely, but I just don’t have time for drawing comics right now. I have a few more main features to complete and some touch-ups here and there, but I think I’ll have it done in the new few weeks.

So about a year ago from last Saturday I started this site. I was hoping to have the redesign done in time for the anniversary, as some sort of birthday present or something. But that sentiment is sort of abstracted; a little too forced to have any meaning, like the equivalent of ‘everybody wins’ just for participating. What I can celebrate is that I’ve stuck with it this long and I am doing something I love to do. Once I get the site redesigned I fully intend to take things a bit further and really have fun with things.

So thank you for your patience, I’ll make the wait worth it!


Quick update today.

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy the last few weeks. Lack of sleep and feeling a bit overwhelmed at work tends to do that and so I haven’t been updating as much as I would like. In any case, I’m feeling more rested and I’ll be updating again soon. Some of you have been waiting for the second update to Kindle Blue and that has actually been finished for awhile, but I’ve needed some time to rethink my approach. I think I’ve figured it out though so you should be seeing more of that soon too!
Stick around chums! It’s gonna be a good year!


I get knocked down…

Words. So many words.

I hate to do this again, but I’m going to have to go on hiatus for a bit. This month, as you may know, is NaNoWriMo. Oh yeah, by the way, I’m doing NaNoWriMo I just never mentioned it here. With that going on and some other priorities of mine, I’m going to have to skip a post or two to get things back in order. So this is me admitting to failing my awesome time management plan I talked about last month. No shame in it.


The good news is that I’m doing much better on the real NaNoWriMo than I was on the practice run I did a few months ago. I’m still horribly behind, but that’s why I’m taking some extra time now to catch up. You can’t ever get anywhere if you don’t try, right? After some thought I decided that I won’t be posting the rough draft of Ethereal Circus. The nature of NaNoWriMo means that my writing will be utter crap in order to get 50,000 words written. While I originally thought it would be a good experiment to show you the writing process, I realized that even if you were aware of it being a very rough draft it still wouldn’t be received well. My plan moving forward is to try to complete the challenge this month and then edit the heck out of it over the next year with several revisions. When it gets to a point I feel confident sharing with people then I will probably post it here in its entirety. Maybe. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


So, I will have an update for you all in December!

Shhh, don’t cry. It’s not that far away.


“Something is starting today”


It looks like you will have to wait until next week to see the conclusion to this Pathfinder tangent in Cleverless as I have some important stuff to take care of this week that will be taking up most of my time. Day 1 of Kindle Blue will be posted soon as well, but I would be lying to you if I said it’s delay had nothing to do with playing Pokemon X too much. It’s good. Really good.


Anyway, it’s been awhile since we just had a chat about things and not just what I am up to lately, so let’s have a moment to catch up.


I’m notorious for starting things and not finishing them. It’s a thing I do, much to my own and others’ vexation. The problem is that I’m interested in too many things and I don’t have enough time to do them. On the one hand, pushing more of my work out into the public realm gives me the motivation and, to a degree, a responsibility to keep making more. On the other hand, it’s an escalating draw on my energy and time reserves. So having a time management system is paramount.


I’ve used a lot of methods in the past for keeping myself organized and motivating myself to get projects completed. I’ve tried everything from “To-Do” lists and sticky notes to friend/spouse accountability talks and carefully crafted calendar alerts. None of them have worked well for me. One reason is that I allow myself far too many things to work on at once. So what seems to be working for me now is the following:


  • One project at a time
  • Keep a log of weekly accomplishments
  • Don’t tell people what you WILL do, tell them what you HAVE done.


The first one, admittedly, is a bit of a misnomer, but I’ll get to that in a second. Having one project keeps you from spending all your time between multiple projects and really working toward completing that one. I say its a misnomer because I started out with one project, but I have since expanded into about three. Once I was comfortable completely a single project consistently I felt adding one didn’t interrupt my flow. With Fire Under the Mountain, Cleverless is still that main project, so when I get bogged down with stuff I always downsize my project list to just that one.


The second one was a habit I stumbled across while doing the first one. I keep a google doc with the current weeks single project (or three projects currently). When I would complete one I would add “Success!” in bold next to it. If the week was up and I didn’t complete it I would mark it “failed” without bold. This both added positive reinforcement visually to the ones I completed (bold and exclamation) as well as minimized the negativity of having not completed something while still accepting my failure. What ended up happening was I would just add the next weeks projects above the last and gray out the old stuff. Eventually I had a log of what I had accomplished and what I had failed at.


The third one is maybe a little weird. I want to tell people all the cool things I have planned, but some may be a long way out to seeing completion. Besides that, for some reason I find that if I divulge my plans to friends or family I end up not following through. I have very little idea why. All in all, it’s really about managing my own excitement for things than anything and only letting that excitement out when I have something to show with it. People are less interested in what you could show them someday and are far more interested in what you can show them right then. And if you’re a creative person, you probably should be too.


They are small changes, but they’ve helped me where other methods haven’t. Let me know in the comments if you find this helpful or if you have other time management methods that work for you!



“…but the important thing, is that it’s a thing, that wouldn’t have been a thing if you hadn’t thinged it”

PAX Prime 2013

Phew! So this was the first Penny Arcade Expo I have ever attended and I had what some people refer to as “a blast”. I went to some panels, I went to some expo hall booths, I played some Dungeons & Dragons Next, I waited in lines, and I did a shit-ton of walking. I’m not sure what the conversion rate on a “shit-ton” is, but I imagine it to be somewhere between “a dozen” and a “fuck-load”.

In all seriousness, PAX was great and for me the Strip Search and entrepreneurial events were very encouraging as an artist and a creative person. Monica Ray from Phuzzy Comics even gave me some industry advice:

Update On Time Motherfucker

So thanks to all the creatives that reminded me this weekend why I do what I do. And to my wife for putting up with four days of me dragging her all over Seattle and PAX with very little time to relax.

Now to that “rad stuff” I mentioned I was doing last week, that I totally ran out of time to post. First up, new site design is on its way! Here is a sneaky peaky:


New rough site design


Pretty sweet, huh? It’s still a rough draft, but I’m working on the details now. AND that bit of background you see? That’s some parallax scrolling I’ve cooked up. It’s gonna be pretty slick.


Second thing, you may notice there is more than one comic in the sidebar in that screen capture. That’s because I’m working on a second short-run comic. But I will talk about that in more detail later as I am not ready to reveal it *just* yet.


Stay tuned kiddos, your regularly scheduled comics will be returning next week and I’m shifting update days for Cleverless to Wednesdays.





Whatever happens, happens.

Busy Summer

So it’s been a very eventful summer and I haven’t been posting updates as often as I would have liked, as well as, not following through on some things I alluded to awhile back. I have been keeping rather consistent with the comic updates, however, except for this week; you may have noticed I haven’t posted one. I’m not doing one this week so I can finish up on another project of mine unrelated to this site. I also might not have a comic for next week, and if I do it will be late. The good news is that next week I’ll be doing a bunch of rad stuff and hopefully I can show that to you before I go to Pax Prime.

I will attempt to post updates more often, but no promises. Autumn is almost here and hopefully that means I will have a bit more bandwidth to churn out new stuff.

New Writing Section

I realize what month it is. I also realize I haven’t posted anything for my fake NaNoWriMo challenge. Here’s what happened…
I started out strong on a story plot line I wanted to write for awhile, but ended up getting stuck. Crazy stuck. As in, worst-writer’s-block-I’ve-ever-had stuck. So about a week ago I decided to drop that idea and pick up with an easier story, one that I can be a bit more creative with. I feel this will help ease me back into writing better than my first story idea.
Anyway, that said, I’ve put up a Writing section in the main navigation. You can find The Ethereal Circus (working title) in the list starting with chapter one. I’m getting close to finishing chapter 2, which is longer, but I should have it up soon.
Obviously, I’m not going to meet my goal of finishing a novel in a month, but that’s okay. It was a good experiment for me to see how I work best with these sorts of constraints and, more importantly, how to do better when the real NaNoWriMo approaches. I will continue to update The Ethereal Circus until it is complete so don’t worry about being left with no ending.
I’ve got some new projects being planned for next month so check back soon for an update on those.